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The Worthy Woman Healing mission is to help heal the minds, bodies and souls of survivors of trauma, abuse, exploitation and trafficking, give them the tools and support needed to overcome feelings of shame and blame so they don’t suffer in silence, to transform women of all ages into Worthy Woman Warriors who know they are worth it.​

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"Who can find a worthy woman? For her value is far above rubies."
(Proverbs 31:10) 

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“You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” Psalm 56:8

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Lisa Ceizyk began her career as a fitness trainer at the age of 45 after losing 80lbs. Expanding on her enormous success, she introduced a new platform combining mind, body and soul fitness. Using elements of inspiration, nutrition, and personal training with her degree in psychology, expertise in healing work and her experience as an addictions counselor, she has transformed not only her own life but the lives of thousands of other women of all ages.

However, Lisa’s story doesn’t end there. Soon after her transformation, her husband’s company failed and she went from being a stay at home mom to a working mom overnight. She struggled with her new role, and reached out to someone who presented himself as an old friend from high school.

Without her husband there to protect her, the relationship progressed, but Lisa didn’t realize she was involved with a sexual predator. What happened next is recounted in the pages of her Best Selling book, Portal Tears.

​​A highly sought after women’s trauma & abuse recovery coach, certified healer and personal trainer, host of Worthy Woman Healing podcast plus an international retreat leader, Lisa lives in Nashville with her husband, daughter, and two cockapoos, Emmy & Elvis.


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Healer
  • Weight Loss Management Specialist
  • #1 Best-Selling Author
  • Podcast Host
  • Professional Speaker
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Addictions Counselor
  • Degree in Psychology
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These tips will help you learn how to:

  • Stop “shoulding” on yourself.
  • Stop “starting.”
  • Identify the real curse words in your life and how to eliminate them.
  • How exercising and working out to be in the best shape of your life may be hurting you.
  • Be grateful for the gift of triggers and how welcoming them leads to healing in your mind, body, and soul.
  • How to keep the storm outside of you, instead of in you.
  • Write journal prompts that help you clear your mind and soul.

After receiving your healing surprise each week you will feel refreshed, re-fired and refueled for the rest of your week!

What Worthy Women Are Saying!


"One hour with Lisa gets me from overwhelmed/ fearful/traumatized/ exhausted/ anxious and more - to hopeful/ positive/ fine/ calm/ refueled and more. Like a window has been opened and fresh air is coming in. I feel like a different person. I'm so very grateful. Being with her for this work is like being touched by magic and miracles"

Cheryl H.


This last week was hard. Life was hard, for multiple different reasons. It was hard, and I still found joy and gratitude. It was hard, and I didn’t spiral out of control and derail my day to day life. I found time to love and found myself even closer to my husband after it. I am safe in my body, and I am forever grateful for the work we did together. I love you so much, Lisa!!!"



"I signed up for Worthy Woman Healing retreat and group because I needed to get out of my comfort zone. EVERYTHING on the retreat was valuable. To be more specific it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Facing my fears and and really enforcing the positive thinking. All the women getting & giving genuine compliments. I'm always girl power but I only had a few female friends until the retreat. Now I have soul sisters for life!"

Sharon M.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Ceizyk at a work function, where she accompanied a colleague whom she was coaching at the time. Despite not knowing much about her initially, I found her to be incredibly engaging during our conversation. What struck me most about Lisa was her dedication to her clients. She shared with me how she had traveled from another state to support the woman she was coaching at the event, a level of commitment that is not commonly seen among all coaches. When I asked Lisa about her motivation for becoming a personal coach, she was candid about her own struggles and how she recognized the need for guidance for herself."

"She explained many women feel stuck at times, especially women who may have experienced trauma. Her journey of healing, culminating in the publication of her best selling book, inspired me to seek her services.

"Since then, I have enrolled in Lisa's group coaching program and have already begun to see progress. In fact, I was so impressed that I recommended her services to a family member who has faced similar challenges.In summary, Lisa Ceizyk's enthusiasm, and approach to coaching has had a significant impact on me. I have no regrets for joining the Worthy Woman Healing Group with Lisa as my coach! I look forward to reaching my future goals and glad to have Lisa along my side.”


What is Worthy Women Healing?


The world has placed a burden on women that goes far beyond their physical weight. Lisa Ceizyk knows that. After losing 80 pounds at the age of 45, she thought she’d lost the weight of being the gym class loser, the girl who couldn’t do a pushup or run a mile without feeling winded and worn out.

Just as she was adjusting to no longer being the overweight girl, a new weight was placed on her when her husband’s business failed and he didn’t know when he would have another paycheck. She became a working mom overnight.

Now she carried the weight of being a provider and a mother, working long hours as she quickly became a leader of other women, helping them lose the weight that was slowing them down and making them feel unworthy.

Women who feel worthy are less vulnerable to predators

As Lisa worked more hours, she felt a new weight in her marriage: The weight of loneliness and betrayal. The husband she’d been with for nearly 30 years was suddenly jumping from job to job providing no financial or emotional security or safety, keeping her in the dark about the reality of their financial situation and abandoning Lisa, their daughter, himself and even God.

Thinking she was reaching out to an old childhood friend, Lisa would then bear the weight of guilt and shame from what she thought was an affair with a childhood friend she trusted implicitly, but turned out to be grooming, manipulation and coercion by a narcissistic, psychopathic, sex trafficker. Her husband was too absent to protect her, but it was never him that could help her find her worthiness.

God helps women heal and find their worthiness in a relationship with Him

After enduring emotional, sexual, physical and spiritual abuse from a combination of a narcissistic devil building her up and tearing her down and an emotionally unavailable, financially abusive husband, God put Lisa on a path to healing by leading her back to His word and a healing technique that she now uses help women shed the weight of their past so they become the women God intended them to be.

​Lisa’s turning to God is what saved her after she realized the evil that happened to her. God led her to understand that He wanted her to share her healing gift with other women to help them shed the weight of their pasts, feel HIS unwavering love, peace and devotion so they know their worth and are no longer vulnerable to predation.

The best way for women to shed weight is to heal past wounds so they know their God-given worthiness!

Her faith and prayers led to healing and restoration with her husband, bringing them back from the brink of divorce.

​Lisa’s vision and mission are clear: To spend the rest of her life helping women of all ages and backgrounds heal from the weight of past wounds and lead lives knowing they are worth it.

"He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds”
~Psalm 147:3


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like you've lost yourself?
  • Is your “I am” statement always followed by “tired, frustrated, fed up, burned out, too fat, unworthy” or any other lie that the world has told you?
  • Do you carry the wounds of past trauma?
  • Do you feel like you’re truly worth it?

The Path to Worthy Women Healing

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"For if either of them fails, the one will lift up his companion. But woe to the one who falls when there is not another to, lift him up”~Ecclesiastes 4:10


Worthy Woman Healing Group

In Worthy Woman Healing Group you will:

  • Discover how to become crystal clear on recognizing destructive patterns, cycles of abuse, red flags.
  • Learn how to stop the crazy making so you can begin living your life from a place of clarity and peace.
  • Uncover ways you might be sabotaging your healing by lying to yourself, suffering in shame and silence.
  • Gain the tools to unstick yourself from unhealthy cycles.
  • Leave each session feeling blissful, energized, complete, and at peace.
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A Getaway That’s Solely Focused On Healing Your Mind, Body And Soul.

Worthy Woman Healing Retreats

On Worthy Woman Healing Retreats You Will:

  • Become as crystal clear about your “I am” as the Caribbean waters surrounding you.
  • Uncover ways you might be sabotaging your healing by engaging in activities that promote self awareness.
  • Progress on your healing journey alongside women who will lift you up when you fall and celebrate every victory on your healing journey.
  • Leave the retreat being the woman God intended you to be!
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Limited spots available!


1 On 1 Coaching

Apply to join Lisa's private 1 on 1 coaching program. If selected, you will receive a FREE 1 on 1 introductory session with Lisa!

In this FREE powerful private “Heal Now” session you will:

  • Become crystal clear on living your life with clarity and peace no matter what is going on in your life.
  • Uncover ways you might be sabotaging yourself.
  • Leave this session feeling energized, inspired, and at peace!





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Catch New Episodes!

The Worthy Woman Healing Podcast is a weekly video and audio podcast hosted by Lisa Ceizyk. Now in it's 2nd season, Lisa continues to cover topics such as healing from TRAUMA, ANXIETY, ABUSE, and how to deal with the TRIGGERS that bring on those emotions. 

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Episode 39 - How to Quickly Heal Triggers
Lisa shares some effective ‘go-to techniques’ to help quickly heal triggers.
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Episode 40 - Love Bombing!
Lisa discusses how abusers use the concept of love bombing to mask their abuse toward their victims.                                                                                                    
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Episode 41 - Stop Suffering In Silence
Lisa discusses the importance of speaking out about abuse and trauma.                                                                                                                                                  
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